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Helpful Tips

Here are a few tips that will better prepare applicants for a career opportunity with the Connecticut State Police.


  • Drive Responsibly - A history of motor vehicle accidents and/or violations will comprise a candidate’s eligibility for employment.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Drugs - The use of these substances is contrary to mature and responsible judgment. Engaging in the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of these substance is also evaluated during the selection process.

  • Pursue Higher Education - Advanced education expands understanding and develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. Higher education degrees and certification can provide a candidate with an edge to stand out from a large pool of applicants.

  • Develop Special Skills - Learn CPR, first aid, lifesaving/medical training, computer skills, languages, or other skills that demonstrate initiative and are applicable to public service.

  • Be Dependable! - Be a dependable employee – demonstrate responsibility by working hard and diligently. Keep in mind that your current and past employers will be contacted during your Background Investigation phase.

  • Community Service - Engage in community service and volunteering activities with your church, civic groups, mentoring and tutoring services, and other activities that show commitment to public service.

  • Keep Fit - Maintain a physical fitness regimen

    • Workout regularly, not just to pass the Physical Fitness phase, but because you chose fitness as a part of person you are.


Remember this- Once a Selection Process is started, individuals will be competing with a large pool of applicants for a limited number of available positions.


Anything good that they can do to stand out from the crowd will benefit you.


Anything bad that they can avoid will not hinder your effort to be successful in this process.

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