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State Police

Are You Ready To Answer The Call?

Become A State Police Dispatcher

State Police Dispatcher Trainee Pay: $23.59 hourly/$49,243 yearly.

State Police Dispatcher Pay: $27.08 hourly/$56,535 yearly.

(Automatically promoted after 6 month)

Top Step State Police Dispatcher Pay: $35.29 hourly/$73,686 yearly.

(Does not include differential, stipends or overtime. 2.5 % increase scheduled for 07/01/24)


Considering a different career in law enforcement? Become a State Police Dispatcher! Dispatchers are the vital link between the public and Troopers out on the road. Dispatchers sit side by side with Troopers helping serve and protect the citizens of Connecticut. While there is never a typical day in dispatch, Dispatchers will answer routine and 911 calls, operate a variety of computer systems and dispatch Troopers over the statewide radio system to emergency and non-emergency calls across Connecticut. 

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What we can offer you:

  • Outstanding medical and dental benefits supporting your health and wellness

  • Plan for your future with excellent retirement benefits (Tier IV)

  • Numerous additional fringe benefits (FMSA, disability insurance, 457b plans, EAP) 

  • Receive an “unpleasant duty” stipend for the life of the contract

  • Night and weekends shift differential

  • Paid training and promotional opportunities

  • 13 paid holidays throughout the year that can be saved and used on another day

  • Various overtime and special duty assignments

  • Shift swapping is available

  • Generous vacation/sick/time off policy that promotes a healthy work/life balance


Who we are looking for:

  • Someone who can calm individuals in crisis 

  • An individual who can make split second decisions in a fast-paced environment

  • Someone who can remain calm under extreme pressure and deliver results

  • An individual that exhibits good judgment and makes good decisions

  • Someone who can multi-task easily between the phone, computer and radio

  • An individual who is comfortable working in an environment that deals with individuals who are the victims of a crime, may be seriously injured or situations that may result in death

  • Someone who can operate in extremely stressful situations that are of life or death in nature

  • An individual who has a proven track-record of being trustworthy, honest and dependable

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of hiring

  • Be lawfully permitted to work in the United States

  • Possess a high school diploma or GED by the time of hiring

  • Be free from felony and Class A or B misdemeanor convictions

  • Have a good educational, work record and excellent moral character

  • Be in general good health, drug free and have adequate hearing and vision as required by duties of the position

  • Have a reliable form of transportation to travel to and from work in all weather conditions. 

The Hiring Process:

Step 1: The Application

When the position becomes available, candidates will complete the online application from the CT DAS Online Employment Center website. Please ensure that your application is complete. You are unable to make revisions once you officially submit your application to the State of Connecticut. Applicant support can be reached by email at:


Candidates who submit an untimely, incomplete or inaccurate application will not be considered for this employment opportunity. Due to the large volume of applications, please do not call/email to confirm receipt or status of your application. If your application submits successfully, a pop-up confirmation displays, which is followed by a confirmation email. You can view all emailed notices on your Personal Status Board by clicking the date in the Last Notice column for the recruitment process. 


Step 2: The Referral Questions

These questions are designed to allow hiring managers to learn more about your abilities and skills related to the State Police Dispatcher Trainee position. The Referral Questionnaire notice is sent to your personal email address and is also viewable on your Online Employment Center Personal Status Board, in the Certification Questionnaires section. To continue in the hiring process, you must respond to and officially submit the Referral Questionnaire by the deadline stated in the notice. Applicants are urged to sign on to their Personal Status Board on a regular basis to monitor their status and view all emailed notices, in the event an email provider places auto-notification emails in a user's spam.


Step 3: The Interview

Candidates will be selected to complete an in-person job interview with agency personnel. Candidates should be prepared to answer questions related to their relevant work experience and why they would be a good fit for the position. Candidates will also be afforded the opportunity to ask questions about the position as well. 


Step 4: The Background Investigation

Candidates who are selected to move along to this phase will be subject to a comprehensive review of their employment, attendance, education, training, criminal, motor vehicle and credit history.


Step 5: The Medical Evaluation

Candidates will need to complete a comprehensive physical examination that includes a vision and hearing test.


Once all of these steps are completed, an offer of employment will be made to a successful candidate. They will then be invited to complete our 16 week paid training program (8 week in the classroom & 8 weeks of field training).

Please email with any questions or inquiries regarding becoming a State Police Dispatcher.

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