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How do I get an application?
Applications for the position of State Police Trooper Trainee are only available after the announcement of the scheduled written examination. Interested candidates can monitor the State Police Website or the Department of Administrative Services Website at for upcoming announcements.

Do female recruits need to cut their hair?

NO, female recruits do not need to cut their hair. To see our policy regarding hair, please Click Here.

The application process is closed, what should I do until it reopens?

When the application process is closed, we encourage you to go to 

and fill out a master application and sign up for email notifications so you are notified when we are hiring.​ 

What are your educational requirements?

All candidates must have a high school diploma or GED by the time they
graduate from the Academy. However, advanced education is encouraged. 

How long is the training?

The Academy is currently approximately six months long. Recruits live at the Academy during the week and are allowed to go home on weekends. The only way you can go to the Academy is to be hired first by the Department. When you are in the Academy, you are an employee of the Department of Public Safety and you will be paid while attending training.

How can I obtain more information?

For additional information concerning selections and training, contact the
Selections Unit at 203-630-8070 or email  


Can I live in another state once I become a Connecticut State Trooper?

No.  A condition of employment for all Connecticut State Troopers is that they must establish a residency in the state of Connecticut, obtain a valid drivers license issued by the State of Connecticut and retain that license as long as they are employed as a Connecticut State Trooper.  The above conditions must be met by the time a recruit graduates from the academy.

Do I need a driver's license to apply?

Yes, a valid driver's license is required. Additionally, you will be required to obtain a valid CT driver's license prior to graduation.

If I am a law enforcement officer for another agency, will the Connecticut State Police allow me to do a lateral transfer without going through the Connecticut State Police Academy?

No.  Any person who is currently a law enforcement officer, whether it is federal, state or local, must complete the prescribed course of training outlined by the agency.  The only way to become a Connecticut State Trooper is to successfully complete the Connecticut State Police Academy.

Can I use my state police cruiser for personal business?

Yes.  Every Connecticut State Trooper is assigned their own vehicle.  This vehicle may be used for personal use.  The vehicle can be driven anywhere within the state of Connecticut and certain areas outside of the state.  All use of assigned vehicles is to be strictly adhered to as outlined in the department’s Administration and Operations Manual. 

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