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Certified Police Officers

Prior Certified Police Officers

The Connecticut State Police is now compensating Certified Police Officers that enter into the State Police Training Academy at a higher pay rate. This incentive program is open to all Certified Police Officers with a minimum of 2 years of experience and no more than a 2 year uninterrupted absence from the profession. We value the expertise and dedication that comes with experience, and we welcome those who have maintained their commitment to the profession and the community. A study recently ranked Connecticut as the best state in the United States to be a Police officer. Join us and be apart of a team that recognizes and rewards your valuable skills. 


  • Candidates with this experience will still be required to attend and graduate the full Training Academy.

  • Operational needs of the agency will weigh heavily on the initial assignment of hired Troopers. During the training period, DESPP will work with the State Police Trooper Trainees to identify locations that are geographically compatible to their desired location.

  • Hired troopers will be required to work various shifts throughout their career. We are seeking qualified individuals who are trustworthy, motivated, and driven. Individuals should be able to work well on their own, as well as in a team environment.

  • Note, this is not considered a lateral transfer.

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